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Cement tile floor

By 7 March 2023September 19th, 2023No Comments

Cement tiles are laid from the beginning on the floors of indoor living rooms. The laying of cement floor tiles will bring a vintage and authentic touch to your homes.

Cimenterie de la Tour offers cement tiles with different styles. Modern cement tiles are characterized most often by their geometric shape and their trendy color. The classic / authentic cement tiles are recognizable by their floral form and their warm colors such as red, ocher or yellow.

Geometrics cement tiles

The M1902 pattern, a black and white geometric cement tile that will bring a contemporary touch to your interior. We recommend this cement tile in the kitchen floor or in the living room.


Classic real cement tiles

The classic cement tile M0780. This is one of the emerging reasons of the cement tile. We like it for its intersecting lines and its star. We have seen a lot of this cement tile in halls or kitchens.


Hexagonal cement tile

Hexagonal cement tile H20M071. The hexagonal format brings an original form to your floors. Inspired by Japanese motifs, the hexagon H20M071 brings dynamism to your floors thanks to its geometric patterns and its burgundy color. We recommend this pattern for small surfaces such as a bathroom floor because it is very loaded. We can also advise you to leave on a plain basis and to embed some patterned tiles.


Floral Cement tiles

The M3310 floral cement tile. It brings a retro / vintage touch to your floors. Its blue petrol and indigo blue flowers bring a modern touch to your floor and its unstructured flowers an authentic side.


If you like a cement tile but it seems very heavy, we advise you, if possible, to centralize a pattern carpet in the center of your room and work the outline with plain cement tiles.

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