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Can cement tiles be used outdoors ?

By 7 March 2023September 18th, 2023No Comments

Cement tile is a natural, material tile that has an effect on every space in which it is laid. Thanks to the numerous colors available, obtained with natural pigments, as well as to the patterns of different styles, cement tiles advocate authenticity, know-how and uniqueness. The handcrafted manufacturing process makes each tile unique. It seems obvious to want to install this beautiful tile throughout an interior as well as an exterior. However, can cement tiles be installed outdoors ?

The floor of a veranda in cement tiles

Thanks to the trend of glass roofs, verandas have been stylized and modernized. With or without a base, with or without a rhythmic pattern, verandas or pergolas allow you to gain in space, style and comfort of living.

The veranda, the extension of a house

The veranda can be built on the first floor with the creation of a surface, or on the first floor on a terrace or an existing balcony. Whether for a construction or a renovation, cement tiles can be installed. Adapt the style of carocim with your existing building or play with contrasts by marrying the styles and keeping a colorful harmony.

A pergola from a terrace

The pergola allows you to shade or shelter a terrace, without covering it completely, by keeping the openings on both sides. Literally speaking, the pergola is a light outdoor construction with a roof made of spaced beams supported by pillars or columns to accommodate climbing plants.

The use of cement tiles under a pergola is strongly discouraged. These tiles are porous, gelatinous and the colors will fade in the sun. In addition to the risk of slipperiness, the ground will suffer from bad weather and heat due to direct contact with rain, sun and weather.

Cement tiles on a porch

Cement tile often appears in the design of entrances in the form of carpet or simple patterns. A real added value, cement tiles set the tone and create harmony as soon as you walk through the door. Why not create a unity between the exterior porch and the interior entrance?

Cement tiles under an entrance porch are not recommended. Like a pergola, the risk of slipping remains high and the wear and tear is premature.

An unsheltered cement tile deck

The installation of cement tiles on an unsheltered terrace, an outdoor walkway, a pool surround or a garden is strictly discouraged. Indeed, these tiles are porous, gelatinous and slippery and do not correspond to the types of tiles dedicated to the exterior.

Porcelain stoneware with a cement tile effect, the solution for unsheltered areas

Despite the fact that it is not recommended to install real cement tile on a terrace, under a porch or under a pergola, there are alternatives in porcelain stoneware tiles dedicated to outdoor design at Carrelage de la Tour.

Our teams of specialists at Cimenterie de la Tour are available to assist you in your renovation, landscaping and decoration projects with cement tiles. For any information or questions, please contact us.

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