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Art Deco – Graphic for chic interior

By 7 March 2023March 8th, 2023No Comments

The artistic movement of the Art Deco appeared in the 1910s in France and gradually spread in the 1920s in the rest of the world (Belgium, Spain, Portugal, North Africa as well as in all Anglo countries -saxons and main cities of Vietnam).

The name “Art Deco” is taken from the International Exhibition of Modern Decorative and Industrial Arts of Paris of the year 1925.

This decorative movement concerns architecture / interior decoration and sometimes even fashion. The design can be distinguished on tapestries, stained glass or even paintings, in symmetrical / geometric shapes. This movement is in contradiction with the movement of “Art Nouveau” appeared in the 1890s which offers an organic and destructured style.
The graphic style was thus strongly used and democratized during this period.

Today, the patterns of cement tiles are revisited to offer a decoration with geometric shapes and trompe-l’œil. This style is ideal to give rhythm and dynamism to its interior decoration.

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