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A plain or two-tone floor for a timeless piece

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In the past, the cement tile was very often seen tinged with red, yellow or ocher. Today, according to current trends, natural colors such as beige, terracotta, blue or green are highlighted by interior design magazines. We therefore find plain tiles, depending on the color, either forming a plain floor, or married to a different shade allowing the formation of a checkerboard.

Dark red cement tiles

Red is one of the colors belonging to the birth of mosaic tiles. The mosaic composed of colored cement tiles had to be harmonious and figurative. Today, dark red is gaining ground thanks to the natural terracotta and terracotta trend. Brick burgundy or dark red will allow your floor to find the warm hues of Provence. Square or hexagonal, adopt these reds for a bohemian, warm and natural atmosphere.

The deep color trend: midnight blue cement tiles

Now, dark and deep colors are no longer scary! From black to dark green, passing through cobalt blue, midnight blue also has its place in trendy deep colors. Despite its dark side, blue will refresh and expand your rooms. Thanks to the material tiles, the depth of a solid color will enhance your room, whether they are treated in a satin or matte way.

Shades of green for a natural atmosphere

Creating an atmosphere as well as an interior decoration with green will bring you the natural and relaxing side you are looking for. Whether it is a verdigris, a pastel green, an emerald green or a water green, the desired natural zen effect will always be achieved despite the contrasts. On the floor as on the wall, in the bathroom, green cement tiles can be placed on the floor or on the wall. If you would like planning and decoration advice, our Cimenterie de la Tour teams will assist you in your project. You can visit our Cimenterie de la Tour and Carrelage de la Tour showrooms to polish your natural or jungle atmosphere.

Black and white cement tiles

Bring character to your room, obtain a contrasting and assumed atmosphere, adopt the timeless! Thanks to black and white cement tiles, play with contrasts and get the character you want. For a contemporary edge, adopt geometric cement tiles. For a more timeless, more classic style, opt for the type of mosaic or floral tiles with authentic and historical patterns. Playing with contrast such as with black and white on the ground will allow you to play with colors, hues, originality and fun. Allow harmony thanks to the complementarity of black and white and materials.

Visit our two cement tile and tile showrooms Cimenterie de la Tour and Carrelage de la Tour near Montpellier, in Lavérune and Saint-Aunès. Our teams remain available to provide you with information and assist you in your development project.

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