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A living room "feng-shui", synonym of relaxation

By 7 March 2023March 8th, 2023No Comments

 But what is feng-shui?

Feng-shui is a Chinese art that appeared around the 1980s and creates harmony inside a house in order to promote the health and prosperity of the residents. The layout of the house is done according to the rivers and the wind in order to circulate good waves and a good energy in the rooms to be lived.

 How to arrange his living room?

Human relationships and nature are at the center of this interior decoration. For this living room, arrange your sofas and seats in ways that everyone can see each other. Indeed, the stay is the room where all the family regroups to relax but it is also the place where one receives guests. The place must be clear, lighted, tidy and clean in order to convey a pleasant atmosphere conducive to exchanges and optimism. For your walls, choose paintings in light and sober colors. For your furnishings and decorative accessories, do not hesitate to play with the textures and colors to create a harmonious ensemble. Finally, do not forget to add plants and flowers to create life to your room. Do not hesitate to place them at the four corners of your stay.

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